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Domain name web hosting

There are many reasons that people wish to create a new website. Some are setting up an online business or information portal while others simply want their own site to let friends and family know what they are up to or share details of a hobby or pastime with others on the internet. Whatever your reason, the first step you need to take is to choose a name for your site and then check that nobody else has already registered it. There are various sites where you can perform a search on the names you come up with and they will usually suggest similar alternatives if the name you want has already been taken. If you want your new site to be found easily by people using search engines then it can be a good idea to use words that are relevant to the content of the website in the actual name. Domain registration hosting companies will have their own search facility too, so once you have ascertained that the name you want to use is available, you can proceed to register it straight away. Some companies offer a simple registration service whilst others will offer hosting packages as well. The ones that just offer registration will usually have a parking facility – this is where you have yet to set up your website, and when people navigate to your site address they will see a page telling them that the site is under construction, rather than a browser error message.

Choosing an extension

The part at the end of your website name is called the domain name extension. Each company that provides a domain register facility will list the extensions that they deal with – some will offer more options than others. There are a number of different ones that you can choose from, such as .com, .biz and .co.uk. Which one you decide to use will depend on your personal preference and also, to a limited extent, on the content that you will have on your site and what the purpose of it is. There are no hard and fast rules but for example, the .org extension is quite often used by non-profit making organizations whereas sites using the .biz extension will usually be a commercial enterprise. For a business site, a potential customer’s location can affect their search results so it may be advantageous, if you are trying to attract people from the UK for example, to have a .co.uk extension for your domain name. Domains hosting can be done from any country you wish and is not dependant on the extension that you have chosen – so a .co.uk site can be hosted in the USA if that is where the company you want to work with has their servers. There is nothing to stop you having the same name with multiple extensions and directing traffic to the same site, as long as they are all available for the name that you have chosen. You will have to register each one though.

Read the small print

You will find many companies offering registration services, with a quite a difference in pricing from one site to the next. What you need to bear in mind though is that many of these companies offer only a basic service. The prices displayed on our site include several extra services at no additional cost to you. Domain names hosting packages are where you pay to have your site hosted on a server after you have registered the domain name through a company like ours. Although we do not offer full hosting packages at the moment, our prices for registration include an enhanced version of the parking facility mentioned above. Whilst your site is under construction you will still be able to display a basic page with a short description for no extra charge. This can help your site to start getting picked up by the various search engines even before you have written and uploaded all the content. Although strictly speaking, it is not a domain name and hosting package, it has similar functionality for an abbreviated version of your homepage. When you register your domain name you have a choice as to how long you want to keep the name for initially. While it might be tempting to go for the shortest time possible, you may find that this will affect your rankings in search engine results. Sites that are registered for a longer period of time may be perceived as being more serious and therefore have more relevance.

Email forwarding service

Whether or not you wish to set up a full website, if you are running your own business then having a personalised email address looks much more professional than using one of the free web-based mail services. It indicates to potential customers that you are a going concern and are making an effort to ensure effective communication with your clients. You can have your company email address added to your business cards and present a more organised and efficient face to the world at large. Our registration service offers an email forwarding service as standard. What this means is that when someone sends an email to an address at your domain name, you can set it up to be forwarded to any existing POP account or web-based mail service that you already use. Normally you may have to buy domain with hosting in order to access this service but we provide it at no extra cost. Payment for our registration service is a simple matter with all major credit cards accepted via our secure online payment facility. We do appreciate however, that not everybody has, or wishes to use, a credit card, so there is also the option of printing off the order form and sending it to us by ordinary mail with an accompanying money order for the amount due. We always do our best to accommodate any special requirements that clients may have and will attempt to answer any queries you submit to us in a timely manner.

Cheap domain hosting

There are many different types of hosting packages to choose from when you are ready to go live. Some of the choices concern the technology that wish to use and may mean more to some people than others. There are packages that include databases of one type or another, for sites with dynamic content, and packages that are geared towards sites that expect to have a higher volume of traffic. The more expensive ones will usually include access to a technical helpline, whereas the cheaper packages may offer a web-based help service only. This enables them to cut down on staffing costs and pass the savings on to their customers in the form of less expensive hosting. Each domain web hosting company will have its own set of packages from which you can choose, and usually you can customise the service with additional facilities as required. You should also be able to upgrade or downgrade your package in the future, in the event that you need a service you had not anticipated needing, or do not need one that you thought you would. Hosting packages with bandwidth limits will allow you to increase the limits for an additional fee if you are attracting more traffic to your site than initially expected. Depending on your level of expertise, you can either have a good search online and see what is on offer, or employ a professional to do the legwork for you. Web designers may be able to recommend a company.

Free website hosting

There are some companies that offer free website hosting for small sites, with basic facilities. Also, with our registration service, domain forwarding or framing is included in the price. Domain forwarding is where when a user types in your website address, they are redirected to another site. This is useful if you already have another site up and running. Alternatively you can use the domain framing facility which redirects users to another site in the same manner as forwarding but the name of the website in the browser address bar will be the one they typed in, that is your new site, not the name of the site they have been redirected to. It will appear as if the web hosting and domain registration have already been set up completely. This kind of service is also useful if you are running an advertisement campaign and wish to be able to record the number of people who respond to your advert. You can use the new website address in your advert but they will come through to your existing site and it is a simple matter for a professional to write a short piece of code that will log where each visitor to your site has come from – whether from the new address that you used in your advertisement campaign or the existing website address of your company. It means you are able to test out marketing strategies without spending a lot of money on hosting plans for multiple domain names.

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